MN public television does a little spot on my bird project. MN Originals, great local show to find out about local artists

September 17, 2011

A story on my wild birds project will be broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television’s new weekly arts series,MN Original!

The crew from MN Original joined us at Carpenter Nature Center ( for a bird banding event on a extremely windy day this past fall.  Not a great day for netting birds (as they could more easily see the mist nets blowing in the wind.)  But we did get one bird which quickly outsmarted our camera/lighting set up after being banded.  Ah…. well  at least the process was documented,  and  it was fun to have MN Original on the shoot with us.  I’m sure we’ll have better luck this Spring.

The show airs first this Thursday the 6th of Jan at 7:30PM.

The full episode will also be posted on the first broadcast date: