Creative Thinking

October 25, 2014

Popular Photography’s September issue included me in their column on creative thinking.   The column was a “how to” on making images that had an unexpected detail or some added element to make it more special.  It was a challenge to look back on the past work and figure out what went through my mind when I was making the picture.  Which part of the image creating process was pre-shoot,  shoot or post-shoot?  I think it came down to a little bit of everything, like ” Is that Snapper looking at me?”  Then shooting it and thinking “What is it looking at,  is it looking at me? and why?”  Then deciding,  yes!…. it’s looking at a knife in the hand and it’s so fresh that it’s still afraid.  So I shot a knife in a hand,  photoshopped  a little glance out of the corner of the eye and done.